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Drywall repair in newark njHave a question about drywall? Need someone for drywall repair? Or do you need a drywall contractor for installation and finishing? Well, here is the one-stop solution to all remodeling needs of your residential and commercial projects. Serving the local customers for decades, SIP Drywall Contractors is known for its top quality workmanship and an abundance of experience. We always work with a clear objective – to get the job done to the proper specifications and ensure that our customer is more than satisfied. Trust the experts when it comes to plaster and drywall repair!

SIP Drywall Contractors is a local company that strives to provide you with the finest quality installation for drywall! Our technicians have years of experience! So, they will be able to take care of whatever your property needs quickly and professionally. We are proud to offer a variety of services that can spruce up your household or workplace in no time! From professional drywall repair and installation to finishing work, we will take care of it all for you. SIP Drywall Contractors is number one in drywall installation. Call us right now and we will show you why!

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    Our Drywall Services

    SIP Drywall Contractors ​has the solution for your every drywall need. We guarantee results and service of remarkable quality. Our team is always prepared to do the job right and deliver beyond the expectations of our clients. Our members carry the best tools to get the job done. Professionalism and timely delivery are the features we are known for.​​

    Install process of drywall

    Drywall installation​

    If you are working on a home renovation, leave the job of drywall installation on us. We specialize in the installation, taping and finishing of drywall. Our team works to deliver smooth and even wall surface so that it is easy to apply paint over it. Just let us know when you need the installation done, and our experts will be there. We take pride in getting the job done correctly and quickly so that your renovations are done on time.

    Plaster repair works on new jersey

    Plaster Repair

    Does your home have an old plaster wall that requires repair? Or are the cracks and holes in the plaster wall affecting the aesthetics of your home? Well, Drywall plaster repair is the solution to your problem. Yes, you heard it right! It is possible to repair cracks, holes, and dents in plaster walls with drywall.

    Celling repair work nj

    Wall and Ceiling Repair​

    It is important to repair and maintain drywalls to keep your home looking chic and appealing. Our drywall contractors have seen and repaired all kinds of damages over the years. So, right from cracks in drywall due to settling to damage made by kids, dogs, or mice, there is no kind of repair we cannot do. We ensure we make the necessary repairs, rather than unnecessarily increasing the cost for our customers. Before we start with the repairs, we will take measures to identify how and why the damage was done. If the damage was due to moisture or poor ventilation, we will first repair it and then repair the drywall damage.

    Insulation work for home in newark


    Drywall can act as an effective barrier for air and heat. At SIP Drywall Contractors, we know that home performance is more than an integration of a few parts of the home. We are helping homeowners, businesses, and builders meet their green construction and energy-saving goals. We remove hurdles in your construction that can affect the property’s energy performance. We will help you boost the performance of your property and its return on green construction features.

    Drywall taping work for home

    Drywall Taping​

    ​Finishing drywall requires expertise not everyone has! Drywall needs to be exceptionally finished for a seamless and aesthetic look. Finishing is also important for ensuring that the paint job can be done easily.  We offer quality drywall mudding, joint and seam taping, and sanding services. Our professionals will install your drywall and then tape it to ensure that it has a smooth finish for painting.

    sound proofing work for room in new jersey

    Sound Proofing​

    ​If you are planning to install soundproof drywall in your home, you need contractors you can trust. We use quality soundproofing services and materials to ensure the best results. With our soundproofing installation, you can ensure that less noise is transferred between your walls and ceilings. You can ensure that your room is as airtight and soundproof as possible. At the same time, we will also ensure that there is adequate ventilation on the property.

    Quality of work is the difference we offer from other drywall contractors in the area! Whether you need consultation for drywall installation or inspection for drywall repair, come to us. We have the right team and tools to get your job done. We promise you will be impressed with our professional services and timely delivery. Our team has the knowledge you can rely on. We make sure we stay updated with the latest trends and developments in the market so that our services are always beyond par. To know more, feel free to get in touch with us. We are eager to serve you!

    Everything You Need to Know About Drywall

    Drywall is one of the most versatile building materials used nowadays. It is essentially the modern alternative to hand-applied wall plaster. It has completely replaced the use of plaster in the construction of new homes. Drywall has become quite prevalent these days, but not many people are aware of its details. It is important to know how drywall is made, what materials are used in its composition, where it comes from and more to have complete details on the material. At SIP Drywall Contractors, we believe that our customers should have the right information about the building material they are considering. Having the knowledge ensures that they make an informed decision when they need to choose a material to cover the framing on interior walls and ceilings.

    What is Drywall?
    Drywall has revolutionized the way ceilings and walls are covered! Drywall is one of the most common products used to finish building interiors. Until a few decades back, plaster was used to finish interior walls; plaster has now been replaced by drywall. Plaster was applied in layers over narrow boards and these boards were fixed to the wall. Plaster was applied in gaps between these boards to adhere to the boards, and the wall was built in constructive layers. It was possible to incorporate different designs and textures in the plaster.

    Drywall came into widespread use in the mid-twentieth century; it is also called gypsum board, plasterboard, or sheetrock. This material got its big break in residential construction after World War II. It is not surprising to say that drywall is being used in 96 percent of new homes.


    Composition of Drywall
    Drywall is mainly made out of gypsum, a commonly found mineral in the earth. Gypsum is made out of a chemical calcium sulfate. Manufacturers of drywall mix other ingredients to make the material construction worthy. It is basically a panel of gypsum plaster pressed between sheets of fiberglass mats or paper and fired in a large kiln to dry.


    ​Advantages of Drywall
    One of the most common questions we face each day is what are the benefits of drywall? We understand that you need to clearly know why you should get a drywall installation done. Well clearly, there are few prominent advantages of drywall that you need to know –

    • Though drywall is similar to plaster, it is easier to repair drywall damages compared to plaster.  Damages like cracks, chips, and holes can be really easily repaired in drywall installation.
    • Not just installation, repair of drywall is also economic and cost-effective. This is one of the prime reasons why people prefer drywall over other materials.
    • As drywall is made out of gypsum, it is fire resistant. So, it makes your residential or commercial building safer.
    • Drywall shows resistance to moisture and mold. Moisture and molds are a nightmare every property owner is apprehensive about. Drywall is resistant to these common building hazards that can weaken the infrastructure of any structure.
    • Drywall makes the structure energy efficient due to its insulation capabilities. Drywall retains heat in cold months while keeping the cooler air inside in the warm months. Consider drywall insulation and you will be able to see its rewards in the energy bills. The money saved can be used in other avenues.
    •  Just like energy, drywall offers sound insulation too. With soundproofing service by drywall, you do not have to worry about your voices going beyond the walls of your home.
    • Drywall is a versatile building material. So, it can be used for walls as well as ceilings of a property. Drywall plastering makes the surface stronger and durable. It can be purchased in different sizes and installed in different dimensions.


    Difference between Drywall, Plaster, and Sheetrock
    With our experience in this industry, we know that people get confused between different terms used interchangeably with drywall. Well, here is a clear difference between drywall, plaster, and sheetrock.

    • Drywall is a popular alternative to traditional plaster and lath. It is a construction material also referred to as gypsum, plasterboard, gyprock, and wallboard.
    • Plaster is one of the most ancient materials for plastering. These walls are created using a three coat process. It does not have fire-resistant qualities like drywall.
    • US Gypsum company has trademarked Sheetrock, the drywall manufactured by them. It was first produced in 1917. You can find weatherproof Sheetrock for exterior ceilings, along with interior ceilings.