Plaster Repair​

Plaster repair work with careBid goodbye to flaky and damaged plaster walls with our plaster repair services!

Are the signs of mold and moisture visible on the walls of your property? Are the flaky walls affecting the look and appeal of your home? Don’t worry! Get plaster repair done by SIP Drywall Contractors.

With our years of experience in this industry, there is one thing we can surely say – plaster repair is quite tricky! The amount of time, attention and skill required by plaster repair is higher drywall installation and repair. So, before we take up any plaster repair project, we first explain the process to our clients. We give them a detailed understanding of what is involved in the process and the time required. Sometimes, we may have to widen the crack or hole before repairing it. This is required to remove any debris and smooth out what is left. The next step of the repair is to mix a new batch of plaster and apply it in the gap or crack. After the first layer of plaster dries, another layer or two is applied to the area. The last step of the process is to finish the plaster and even out the surface using a sander.

SIP Drywall Contractors has gained expertise in plaster repair for residential and commercial projects. We also know how important it is to have the right tools to get the plastering work done right. Our team is equipped with the right set of tools and experience before they approach any project.

Let’s discuss and find the right cost-effective solution to your plaster problems. Get in touch with us.


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